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Cisco - "Anatomy of an Attack: Ransomware"

Cisco tapped me to make a series of short films that demonstrate how major cyberattacks play out in the real world, without the Hollywood clichés or the standard “hackers in hoodies.” Teaming up with top-level cybersecurity experts, I did extensive research and crafted these short films as fictionalized depictions of actual attacks and the profiles of real-world hackers. They’ve been enormously successful, referenced in the New York Times and are even used as training tools by law enforcement.

The films depiction of the problem is presented online alongside the solution, surrounded by Cisco web copy and feeding directly into the sales funnel.

The films generated 14 Million+ views on YouTube.

Featured above the fold at

Featured above the fold at

“Anatomy of an Attack” nearly doubled the conversion rate from previous efforts.

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